Welcome to our paradise

Memories Bar & Restaurant was established in October 2009. Ching, the owner and proprietor, started the restaurant on the same site as his family’s restaurant, which was destroyed by the tsunami in 2004. The restaurant is named “Memories” in tribute to all our friends that died in the tsunami.

With the support of his friends and family, Ching started to develop the project and the first day when the business opened there where a restaurant, a bar and also massage service.  Soon followed bungalows where guests can stay on our beach at their convenience.

We would like to thank all our guests and friends for making it a grand success, which has enabled us to buy the Pakarang Surf shop and offer lessons and board rentals for surfers new and experienced.

Now, the bar and restaurant are a popular place for tourists, surfers, divers and backpackers. We have many visitors from around the world, including those from Scandinavia, Europe, Asia, Australia and North America.

We welcome you to be our guest at Memories and enjoy with us our proud establishment!

Memories bar