Elephant Home

Welcome to the Jungle

Khao Lak Elephant Home is a 900RAI (1,440,000m²) elephant rehabilitation and retirement home in Khao Lak. The home was started in 2018 by Ching and his friend, a mahout who owned several elephants and was looking for a quiet place where they could live.

They built Khao Lak Elephant Home with the vision of creating a place where elephants can come and live either for rehabilitation or to retire and where people can come and meet and learn about these beautiful creatures.

The home keeps very high standards and no riding is allowed.

Elephant Programs

We have two programs to choose from:

Elephants Care

Get the full elephant experience at our sanctuary. Learn to feed and care for an elephant in the same way we do everyday.

Elephants Bathing

Enjoy quality time with our friendly elephants with a mud spa in the natural river.